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29 Dec 2020 01:30 PM By Network

Working as a data analyst is always hectic. It requires you to be a step ahead from the conventional methods. Managing data requires you to pay attention towards every minor detail. In massive calculations and entries, it is harder to get through these numbers easily. For the data managers, it is essential to have latest and well designs tools or software. It helps them to track down, manage the records in their original format, and have better analysis.

For data management, you must be using multiple tools but the real problem comes to your face when there is no way to integrate data. Importing entries from one format to the other seems hectic and impossible. There are numerous issues you may have to face such as format supported, file sizes, composition, and overall file settings. Matching different figures or compiling them into one seems impossible in this case.

With Data Link Studio, things can be different and easier for the data mangers. If your job is all about keeping entries, calculating results, analyzing and management, then it is the right platform for you. Getting surveys from multiple respondents and completing their results in a customize report format and much more. This one software is your gateway towards some exceptional and excellent data management that you need.

How Data Link Studio Works?

Data Link Studio is a unified platform that gives you the opportunity to transfer data between different sources and analytics tools. It enables you to gather data from different platforms to one space and process it according to requirements. You will be able to synchronize the responses and data coming from multiple platforms and spaces as well.

Initially the platform allows you to select one data source (SurveyMonkey) and two analytics tools (MS Excel Online, MS Power BI Service). These two are the major platforms that help data analyzers to record entries and evaluate results. Using the online version of MS Excel, it is easier for you to get the response from the people all over the globe. After having them on board, the Data Link Studio makes it easy to collect them at one platform and process according to your requirements.

Although initially you have only one data source to select and transferring them to MS Excel Online or MS Power BI Service, but the future is different. With further progression, you will be able to use many other data sources and link your data with numerous other data processing platforms easily.

 Everything You Will Get in the Package

Data Link Studio comes up with a perfect combination of numerous benefits as a whole. You will get all advanced and supportive features that makes your job quick and smooth. Every single data manager wants to be easy with figures and data. It is not only helpful for the companies and research teams but individuals researchers too. They will be able to draft and complete reports quickly with the integration of all the popular data sources and analytics tools packed into one software offering.

Connect to Data Portals

With just one account, you will be able to connect with multiple data sources and analytics tools. It is easier to collect data, survey information and much more from these portals. Moreover, with one touch solution, you will be able to gather all this data to one simple file for further processing. There is no need to download multiple format files, use converters and risk your data with different tools. You only need one safe platform to stitch all your data together for your reports and evaluation in no time.

Transform and Mapping

The software not only helps you to gather data but transform and map it according to your needs. Every study and research requires data of a specific type. You need to rearrange information according to a specified format. It helps for the evaluation and generating effective results. With Data Link Studio you have one platform that lets you apply custom data transforms and mappings while your data is in transit. You can make changes and transform as per your requirements.

Reliability and Security

Detailed audit logs of your data flows and multiple industry standard security protocols to ensure that all data is safe and secure. Security measures are taken regularly and frequently to make sure we use the latest and greatest technologies available. Our network security is monitored, logged, and analyzed 24/7. Annual gray-box penetration tests across the system.
Scales With Your business

As your business grows so does your data, and it will be spread across various systems and in different formats.Data Link Studio is designed to scale with your business or requirements. It grows with the complications of the data you are processing.Data Link Studio was built from the ground up to scale to handle large volumes of data with industry leading fault tolerant, auditing and auto-recovery capabilities built in. It is backed with the industry leading cloud infrastructure that keeps data secured and intact. Moreover, support for multiple non-US regions like the EU & CA is available on request along with HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA compliance. With one login, you will be able to add, edit, review and transform your data on cloud. It removes the restriction of accessibility to data space and lets you work from anywhere remotely.

Easy to use interface

To deal with data here on portal you do not require having any IT or coding staff at all. It comes with not coding infrastructure and easy to operate. By clicking a few buttons, you will be able to have the best outcomes. Moreover, the user guides and user tips enable you to make its best and hassle free usage. There is no need to have a separate infrastructure or team to manage your analytics data flow. It is an easy to understand and smart to operate system for your business to help you focus on what matters most for you – your business insights!

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